Home-style American Restaurant

Our Story

We interview the owners at carver cafe, Here is their story:

How long has Carver Café been around?
It has pretty much always been a restaurant since opening in the late 50’s. It was built by a husband and wife who lived in the house that is still behind the café. He was injured in a logging accident and as a result of that, the family was forced to find a different income. So, the café was just that and ran by his wife. It’s always been some kind of restaurant but a lot of locals talk about their memories of it as a donut shop. The café was opened again in 1993 as “The Carver Curves Café”.

How long have you owned the cafe?
In October 2005 Kris and Sarah took over as new owners of the café which has become known just as the “Carver Café”. Even though Kris and Sarah have owned it for only the last 12 years, they’ve been a fixture. In 2016 Sarah decided to change career paths but is still in the local area and Kris is still cooking up some home-style food.

Three things you like about the cafe?
We thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie between us and the people who regularly come in. Also, the feeling you get when you’re here like you’ve been here a hundred times before, whether you have or not. And… the food… of course!

Do you have a favorite menu item?
It’s just too hard to pick one favorite menu item when there are so many awesome dishes on the menu! Oh… and our coffee is outstanding!

Describe your restaurant to someone who has never seen it?
The café is the kind of place that we hear over and over referred to as a “dying breed”. It’s a place where you walk in the door and you feel like you’re at home or your having a déjà vu moment. The classic welcome chalk board, the quant but antiquate space, small kitchen with a stainless steel order rounder and the wood panel walls. Most likely you’ll be greeted with a smile or some kind of sarcastic joke, but it won’t take long to figure out that’s just how things are.